Day 1 on set!

Hello and welcome to our first on set production blog!

After a looooooong prep time, we finally commenced shooting this Saturday in West London. We had a lot to fit in to the schedule, juggling the constant caution of shooting in a real location of a gorgeous home with getting all the coverage we needed.

Although Tim and I had met with almost all of the cast and crew before, it was the first time that nearly everyone was together, and so it was great to see our friends get to know each other and rapidly learn each other's weaknesses, which they could then take the piss out of each other with. 

We had some tricky scenes to shoot: a sex scene, a seduction and more. I was particularly keen that these scenes were directed in a way that was frank and natural, rather than awkwardly staging anything in what I referred to as a 'GCSE Drama', over-sentimentalised approach. Our actors, Sope and Katie, were remarkable at just getting on with it, and the crew had a lot of fun standing in for them when the actors were off set. 

Potential problems of snow, illness and having-to-work-on-a-Saturday were all overcome quickly, and copious amounts of sweets and fizzy drinks kept our fully grown adults content. 

Below are a load of pictures from the day, from ungraded rushes on my monitor, to scenes of Tim trying to look like he knows what he's doing.

Later this week we're off to the Cotswolds to film the bulk of the movie, but until then, bye for now

-Sophie (& Tim)