Hello and welcome to our first ever news update!

Anyone who knows us will be aware that we have been furiously crowdfunding this past month for THE TRIP, which commences shooting in a couple of weeks.

After 30 days of refreshing our phones every 30 seconds and harassing everyone we've ever met for their support, we have actually reached our target (and beyond)!

We now want to publicly thank everyone that helped us on our way.

With mountains of love and gratitude,



The full list of supporters are:

Adi Chase

Andrew Waidhofer

Ann Milburn

Antony & Sally Root

Ben Hyland

Benjamin Thomas

Claudia Rees-Bidder

Colyn Montgomery

David Charles Abell

Ed Hardy

Emma Cook

Floriana Dezou

Francesca Root

Glyn Britton

Graham Symmonds

Hana Tanimura

Helen Rees-Bidder

Ian & Alison McEwen



Izzy White

Jake Birch Wilkens

Jennifer Symmonds

Jesse "Eddy Words" Lee

Joe Butler-Biggs

Joe Hedinger

Jonathan Blagrove

Josh Butten

Jungleboy 叢林男孩

Kathy Taylor

King Family

Lauren Zeitoun

Lewis Cleaver

Linda Vandenberg

Lisa Downs

Lucy McCarthy

Matt Firman

Matthew A Stewart

Micah Dirosi

Michael Animashaun

Michael Groth

Michael J Lewis

Michael Van Kesteren

Nash Sibanda

Nathaniel Kovacs

Nicki Hunt

Nicole Montgomery

Ollie Azis

Ori Raveh

Paul McAvoy

Philip Ruhland

Philip Skinner

Racheal Akinola

Richard O'Quinn

Robert Bailey

Sean Brennan

Siân Docksey

The Pinner Family

Thomas Hughes Ellis

Tim Foster

Tim Knott

Yuval Polushko

Thanks all!!!!